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Outlines for Recreational Pilot Permit or Private Pilot License :


The following is the outline that is followed at Canada Aviation Academy during the Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) or Private Pilot License (PPL) course. The page lists an outline for the lessons and the preparation required of the student for each flight. Also listed below the outline is all the resources required for the lessons. Most of the resources are from Transport Canada and can be downloaded or printed off their website. Some of the resources are available in the pilot supplies kit provided at the start of the training.


Your instructor will be able to assist you with more information in this regard and will keep you updated on the reading assignment and progress in your training. These are guidelines only and not a listing of the actual flights towards the licence. Some of the lessons will be repeated until proficiency to the required level is reached.


Phase #1

The first part of your training will be to work towards your First Solo. This phase of training is the same regardless of whether you are working towards a RPP or PPL.


Phase #2 — Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP)
The second phase of the Recreational Permit after your first solo will continue as follows.


Skip ahead if you are looking for the second part of the Private Pilot Licence.



Phase #2 — Private Pilot Licence
The second phase of the Private Pilot Licence will be as follows.


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